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Busy Moms

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Calculate Savings

Create a Post-Divorce Household Budget

Know what your monthly budget looks like to make informed decisions.  It can alleviate fear and stress in the divorce process, and give you knowledge and power.

Download the FREE Household Budget Worksheet to get started.

Free Budget Worksheet

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Journaling Prompts

Putting pen to paper can be a great way to help you uncover pent-up emotions, release anxiety, alleviate depression and find solutions to move forward.  When going through a divorce, this can be an ideal way to gain clarity, reduce stress and build resilience.  I've created a set of journaling prompts to help you along the way.  Click below to download. 

Free Journal Prompts

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Summer Fun

If you missed our "Fun Mom Summer" checklist of things to do (either alone or with girlfriends), it's not too late to download and adjust to whatever season of the year or season of life you are in!

It's never too hot or too cold to have fun!

Free Fun Download

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What's Your Personality Type?

Knowing more about yourself - who you are, how you think and why you behave the way you do - can help you understand the way you interact with others and handle life.

Truity has both the Enneagram and DISC personality tests
to help find those broad categories that may help you take a
closer look at yourself and see how your personality type
dictates your communication style and more that
can play a partin divorce, parenting, work style
and everyday life.

Take a personality quiz at Truity and see what it says about you!


to your door

Fruits and Veggies...


I love using essential oils in a diffuser -- my house, my office, even my car!  I can get quality oils at the right price at Simply Earth. 

They have an amazing box subscription that includes oils, recipes, supplies and training videos to allow you to custom blend oils you will use again and again. 

It's a $189 value for only $39!

To get you started, when you buy a subscription box, I want to offer you a  a
$40 gift card to use on your next Simply Earth purchase.

Just use JOYFREE at the checkout to get the gift card, to keep or share!

AND....13% of all proceeds are donated to helping end human trafficking!  

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