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7 Ways to Reduce Personal Stress to Gain Better Clarity in Your Divorce

Updated: Mar 19

There is no question that divorce is stressful. So many things are changing. And all of the emotions are just swirling. The only constant is the amount of uncertainty you face.

During my divorce process, the 2 years from separation to the divorce decree, I remember the sleepless nights, anxiety, anger and tears, it wreaked havoc on my work life, social life and family life with my kids. There wasn’t any part of my day that wasn’t affected by the stress and overwhelm. And when I felt the most overwhelm I made irrational and hasty decisions. It wasn't until I slowed down, and got a hold of my emotions that I was able to find the clarity I needed.

From talking to so many women going through divorce, I hear similar stories from them as well. Smart women, accomplished and successful women, who are struggling to get control of their emotions and create an essence of calm.

When our cortisol level is heightened and stays elevated due to stress it becomes toxic, it affects us mentally, emotionally and physically, and we are unable to make rational decisions. But the good thing is that there are some small changes you can make to reduce that stress and help create more peace. This will help you at home, at work and at the mediation table.