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The Divorce Confidante Podcast

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The Divorce Confidante Podcast is a faith-based, Christian podcast for women who are dealing with separation, divorce, co-parenting, single mom struggles and reasserting themselves as independent women. 


It's a place where we can talk openly and honestly about this transition from married to single, and the emotions we have about anger, sadness, betrayal, and grief as we step through the process.  It's not over with the divorce either.  It's the on-going communications and balancing act with the ex as it pertains to co-parenting, and how best to put the kids first.  And as single women we need to learn to perhaps become more independent and confident in this new life.  We need to find that work-life balance and create time management skills.  Add in the new financial responsibilities.  Dating after divorce.  Emotional stability for her and the kids.  Health and wellness.  New passions.  New purpose.

All while finding our grounding, renewal, and connection with our faith.

These were my struggles as I went through my divorce, and these are the areas of concern for so many of my clients as well.  

Through this podcast I want to create a place for my listeners to find clarity and insights -- support and community -- and know that there is something better waiting for them as they travel through this process.

As a guest, I would love for you to share you faith, expertise, and authentic self so my listeners can find new ways to think about their situation and themselves on their own journey.

Join me as we help women change their lives!

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Let’s Work Together

I'd love to have you as a guest on my podcast so we can support women together.  Click the link below to schedule directly on my calendar!

Tel: 240-408-0414

Vox: @divorceconfidante

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