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The Divorce Confidante

Take the
Stress Out
of Divorce
and Co-Parenting

Joy Bartholomew

Divorce and Life Coach

A coach is an integral part of your divorce team, to help you navigate the expectations and emotions that come with the divorce process, allowing you to be more focused and progress through the stages of divorce with confidence and grace.


Life is not always predictable, and divorce can turn your world upside down.  There are fears and frustrations that make the process even more complex.

As a divorce coach, I can help you get clear on how best to untangle your emotions during the divorce process to proceed with confidence and peace, as you create clarity as you through this difficult season. It's all new -- so many changes and so many emotions.  It's a pivotal time, and it's important to have someone on your divorce team to help you with:
    - anxiety with divorce
    - managing emotions
    - co-parenting communication
    - self-care tips
    - dating after divorce​
    - reclaiming your independence
    - budgeting
    - and so much more

Manage Your Divorce Process
Balance Your Emotions
Learn to Co-Parent
Discover Your Confidence and Independence

Let's work together to help you....

Confident Divorce Coaching™ 

When dealing with the fallout of a broken marriage, separation and divorce it can be overwhelming and emotional.  You are trying to handle the divorce process, make it normal for the kids, and balance work, finances, friends and family.  All while dealing with uncertainty, frustration, sadness and anger.

Confident Divorce Coaching™ is personalized divorce coaching to help you manage all of the complex parts of divorce.  It is tailored for you - to learn to manage emotions, single mom life, and divorce while moving forward with grace and confidence.

It is faith-based life coaching for women to help you during this time of transition.  It is a safe place to be your authentic self.

If you are struggling to know what your next step is in the divorce process, how best to co-parent with your ex-husband, and how to support yourself and your kids through all of the changes, then schedule a free consultation to see if working together can make this easier on you!

  • We start with a free consultation call.  Usually 30-45 minutes.  It's an opportunity to meet and talk about what challenges you are facing, where you are in the divorce process,  what concerns you have, and what is creating anxiety or overwhelm.  From there, we find out where you want to go.

  • If you decide to move forward working together, you choose the payment package that works for you, agree to the coaching policies and set up your first session.

  • Begin our 6 private coaching sessions.

  • We set-up a personalized plan for you to reach your goals over the next 6 weeks.

  • We meet weekly on zoom.

  • Additionally connect through voxer or email to provide you the support you need between sessions.

The Divorce Confidante Podcast

The podcast is an additional resource specifically for you!  To give you weekly encouragement through your divorce and into single mom life! 


It's a weekly boost of faith and inspiration,

self-care tips and co-parenting guidance,

divorce information and personal growth advice.


Join us every Wednesday for a new episode to help you along your journey!

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